Meet some of our team. Click on their pictures for schedules and bios.

  • Adelaide Goodeve
    Adelaide Goodeve

    I’m here to teach you through my own experiences and learnings how you can become the person you most want to be. The life you want is within your grasps, you just need the right tools and skills, clarity, focus and accountability to achieve it.

  • Andy Pilides
    Andy Pilides

    Andy has over 10 years of experience in the field of training, nutrition and exercise science. He has a lifetime of practice, using various methods of weight-room & field-based training principles, on himself and in abundance on a vast amount of people of all different body types.

    Andy spent a lot of his time as a youth playing football at a very respectable level, meeting many wise coaches and learning lots from an array of people with broad personalities and successes. Andy has since written numerous publications on health & fitness for a variety of international & national magazines. Some of these include; The Spectator Health, Readers Digest & The Huffington Post.
    More Than Muscle Fit was created by Andy to help bridge the gap between physique, health and performance goals, whilst offering an education to its customers to provide sustainability and longevity in its results. Andy certainly has a big passion for this area and loves helping people achieve their goals through evidence-based science and ethical practices. This has helped him and his team develop positive, personal relationships with all of their customers.
  • Beccy Matthews
    Beccy Matthews

    I am passionate about the quality of what she does and develops tailored programmes according to the goals of the participants. She is thrilled to be part of the Turnfit Team and runs a variety of classes so every ability is catered for.



  • Charlie Seaton
    Charlie Seaton

    Working as Gaynors’ PA and heading up the Front of House team. I help with everything that goes on behind the scenes, staff, event organisaton, charity work and the cafe. I am often found behind the Turnfit Studio front desk and am always more than happy to help, answering any questions you might have about your membership, making you a pre work out coffee or a post work out protein shake!

  • Claire Hughes
    Claire Hughes

    I encourage everyone in my Yoga classes to be curious and to challenge their minds as much as their bodies creating a space to allow this to happen. Slowly dissolving, letting go and a deep stretch in a Yin Yoga class. These positions are held for longer periods of time and work on the connective tissues. My aim is to create a focused, meditative atmosphere with fellow yogis in the room. A perfect way to let go of the weekly stresses.


  • Darcy Ayton
    Darcy Ayton

    I bring maximum energy and drive to every class; to get you going above and beyond what you thought you could achieve. Standing by your side throughout your workout giving you the support and direction you need to get the most out of it.  Big on perfecting form and sculpting aesthetic results, my mantra is mind over matter, muscle over mind.


  • Dawn Sharp
    Dawn Sharp

    I fill my classes with routines to excite, motivate and inspire.  Group fitness should be challenging but rewarding, I challenge you to put in the hard work whilst having fun at one of my full on classes.  Research proves that exercise first thing in the morning makes your day more productive so come along to one of my early morning strength and core classes


  • Donna Bliss
    Donna Bliss

    Combining big tunes with big hills, sweat is guaranteed in my fast pace classes! My enthusiasm and experience will provide a structured exciting and motivational workout.

  • Elaine Fitzwater
    Elaine Fitzwater
    Elaine has been involved with Turnfit since the beginning, and can be found front of house on Tuesday's and Thursday’s.  She also assists Gaynor in the community, charities and schools aspect of Turnfit.  When  she is not in a spin, yoga or TRX class, she can be found out running or cycling in the Surrey Hills.
  • Gaynor Arnold
    Gaynor Arnold

    I am so excited to be part of the Outstanding team of trainers at TurnFit. 

    We wanted to open a studio in Guildford which would offer low impact with some high intensity, fun cardio and strength exercise to all ages and stages of fitness and I hope that we will achieve this mission.  If you are under 18, over 60, or in between, unfit or super fit – there is a class here for you.  We want to work with you to help you to achieve your fitness and nutrition goals.  Don’t be afraid to come along and try a class or to call and chat about which session makes sense for you and if you don’t find one at the time or day that you need it,  let us know.

    I began to teach fitness classes as a stop gap after 17 years of working in Corporate Finance in the City. Who guessed I'd still be here 6 years later.  What an amazing life change!!  I love group exercise because I love people. I don’t have to force myself to work out – someone else will, and no one knows how hard I am working when I'm on a bike or rowing and it clears my head, makes me happier and I feel healthier.  If we at TurnFit can help you to improve your athletic performance or find a better quality of life we will have truly achieved out mission.  

    I have taught just about every type of group exercise (except dance!) but its TRX, Indoor cycling and blended HIIT (strength and cardio) that we've chosen because they maximise your metabolic rate, build tone and muscle and make for a better you!


  • Georgia Remnant
    Georgia Remnant

    Focusing on functionality of our movements, my classes work towards improving mobility, finding balance between strength and flexibility, helping you to feel at ease in your body. Yoga is the perfect complement to any exercise regime. My classes aim to soothe and to challenge, offering a fluid and mindful practice to learn more about yourself. Come and join a class, the more laughter the better!


  • Javier Garcia
    Javier Garcia

    I am highly motivated, have lots of energy and very passionate about fitness. My aim is to make you feel amazing and help you develop into a fitter, happier you.  Challenge yourself, push yourself and have fun with me. Lets do this!


  • Julian White
    Julian White

    Do you want to get cycle-fit – for a century ride, a sportive or a long ride with friends? If so, come and ride ‘VeloFit 90’ with me. I am a Level 3 Spin instructor and have been riding, racing and coaching for years, to GB amateur level, and can help you get there.


  • Katie Boots
    Katie Boots

    I teach a strong, creative Vinyasa Yoga class focussed on alignment with accessible options for all levels. After training in dance and enjoying a daily Bikram Yoga practice to support a demanding job, I trained with Yoga Professionals and have gained further qualifications in Postnatal and Mother and Baby Yoga.


  • Kieran Corbett
    Kieran Corbett

    I focus on functional fun fitness, I believe variety and enjoyment are key to improving your fitness. With a background in high level sport and nutrition, Fitness is everyday for me. My aim for every session is that everyone leaves having worked hard and with a smile on their face.


  • Liane Jarman
    Liane Jarman

    I am a road cyclist and my spin sessions are structured around heart rate, cadence (pedal speed) and power. That being said, there is no need for a Heart Rate Monitor to participate. Indoor cycling is a great way to get fit whilst not putting undue stress on your joints.


  • Michael Chapman
    Michael Chapman

    I have accumulated a decade of instructional experience teaching thousands of people of all ages and abilities, in both group settings and 1 to 1, learning either sport or invaluable fitness knowledge. My philosophy centres on ensuring that my clients can maintain a life outside of training while getting results, as I believe fitness should only be a component of an overall healthy lifestyle.


  • Natalie Silvester
    Natalie Silvester

    Nat, as she is known to many of our customers, has an inspirational influence on our female client base. Her experience performing a mixture of strength and movement based practices, helps her educate people on the importance of the blend. Nat certainly has a passion for helping people and her personality shines through when offering a service that is second-to-none to all of her clients. Nat also has a keen eye for nutrition and offers a lot of support through her intrinsic practice. If you are looking for a female to lead the way in the weight room then Natalie is your woman.

  • Oliver Meaton
    Oliver Meaton

    Being a Global Personal Trainer for the past 8 years, I love helping clients achieve what they want the most. Whatever your goals may be, I’m excited to help you achieve them while having fun at the same time.


  • Sarra Zemmel
    Sarra Zemmel

    I teach yoga as a moving meditation with a strong emphasis on functional movement and healthy biomechanics. I focus on stability, co-ordination and mobility over flexibility for the sake of it and I am a total yoga geek about how modern movement science & neurobiology can be applied to yoga’s teachings - so you might find some unexpected movement drills and some somatic movement alongside traditional yoga poses every now and then!  Yoga is a great opportunity to explore and be curious about how we move, breathe and think, because what we don’t notice we can’t change.  When we learn how to befriend our breath and to make the poses medicine for our own unique bodies, yoga is a powerful springboard for greater wellbeing all round.