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Personal Training

Take the leap. A tailored approach to achieving your fitness goals. Get in touch to talk with our specialist trainers.Email: 01483 574 400

Sports Massage

To compliment your fitness journey whether your aim is to cure or prevent injury, improve mobility or simply to relax.Talk to Louisa to find out more.Email: 01483 574 400

Topic of Cancer

Turnfit combined forces with Topic of Cancer to launch ToCFit.Weekly classes run for cancer patients, survivors and individuals in need of rehab. Each class is tailored to allow for mixed abilities, ages and can also accommodate those still receiving active cancer treatment.The classes focus on improving or restoring ROM, flexibility, balance and co-ordination through muscular conditioning and light low impact aerobic exercise. Most importantly the classes are social and fun!


Velofit is a new Spinning class being added to the TurnFit Portfolio.Velofit puts more of a professional spin on our classes, catering towards cyclists, tri-athletes and runners as well as those pushing themselves to a new level.With sessions running for 45-90 minutes the tried and tested formula of base training, tempo ,threshold then race day challenge. Not only are the instructors top of the range but you'll struggle to find better spin bikes around.

Dynamic Strength & Balance

The class incorporates stretch, strength and yoga postures which help improve your flexibility, breathing, mind, body, and soul. This combination of Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga and Fitness means you don't have to be a YOGI to enjoy it!


Want something new? Our workout of the week will constantly challenge your body, raise your metabolic rate and keep you on your toes. Try and smash your own personal best time throughout the week to help you reach your fitness goals.

Turn Club

Whatever's going on in your life right now sweating it out with your mates makes sense. A blend of cardio and body weight strength for those in senior school is aimed to challenge all levels - as long as you're prepared to let the music lead you!

Turn It

Hide, race, turn legs and burn calories …. build strength and cardio fitness. Whatever your age, fitness level, skill – you can make this bike workout your own! In the dusk, in a group, with friends, with strangers, with music – power your way to a better you.


TRX will build a leaner you, a stronger you, with a core of steel. Your own bodyweight is your weapon! Intersperse this with short bursts of cardio and the workout will work all day! For beginners do come 10 minutes early for a proper introduction to TRX


TRX will build a leaner you, a stronger you and a core of steel. An all over body workout for all levels building strength from the inside out. Your own bodyweight is your weapon! For beginners do come 10 minutes early for a proper introduction to TRX

Align & Define

This program is a fluid blend of challenging sequences based on Pilates and yoga. Body weight exercise will be incorporated to target overall strength, balance, flexibility and core conditioning.


A total body strength and conditioning class utilising bodyweight resistance, weights, TRXs, kettlebells and a whole lot more to boost metabolism, blitz body fat, sculpt and strengthen.  Work against time and set your own pace whatever your level.

Core & More

This half hour core workout will incorporate moves to lengthen and strengthen those mid body muscles. Improve posture, lower back and those all important abdominal muscles.

Feel Good Flow

A balance of dynamic flow and practices to nourish and restore your energy for the week ahead. Improve flexibility and strength with this feel good yoga session.  A great complement to the rest of your TurnFit activities.


Press is all about building strength and utilises a variety of equipment to sculpt all major muscle groups. This class will help change the shape of your body and burn off calories fast with NO CARDIO!

River Run Club

Come and join our friendly runners for a 5-10k run. Whether you are new to running or working towards your first 10k we would love to have you join our team. We meet and run from Turnfit whatever the weather!

Start Fit

A class for people who are new to exericise or returning to increase their fitness. This is suitable for beginners.