Our Team

  • Katie
    Yoga Instructor
    Yoga Instructor

    Katie's journey into fitness started when she trained in Ballet and Contemporary Dance, achieving a Performance Diploma and Degree in the subject before concentrating on a career in Procurement. On relocating to Singapore for her job, Katie joined a Bikram Yoga studio in the hope that Yoga could improve her physical and mental health after suffering with many stress related conditions. It was here that her passion for Yoga (Bikram and Vinyasa) began as even after a few sessions she gained physical strength, increased flexibility as well as learning how to unwind her mind.  With a belief that Yoga should be accessible for all, in 2012, she completed a 500 hour Yoga Teaching Diploma course with Yoga Professionals (REPS CYQ Level 3).

    Katie went on to complete a further training program in Postnatal and Mother and Baby Yoga in 2015 (Yoga Alliance) and continues to learn through her own, and guided Practice, workshops and development courses notably with Ana Forrest in 2017.

    Also holding a qualification in nutrition, Katie has a particular interest in the links between nourishment, exercise and mental health. She has written many guidance documents for other Yoga teachers using her own research into Body image and Yoga and has held workshops locally on the subject.

  • Dawn
    Fitness Instructor
    Fitness Instructor

    I am a fully qualified personal trainer and group exercise instructor / manager with over twenty five years of experience in the fitness industry. 

    Outgoing and bubbly this 'Northern Red head' fills  classes with routines to excite, motivate and inspire.

    Group fitness needs to be challenging but rewarding, I challenge you to put in the hard work whilst having fun at one of my full on classes.

    Research proves that exercise first thing in the morning makes your day more productive so come along to one of my early morning strength and core classes

  • Emily
    Yoga Instructor
    Yoga Instructor

    Emily's classes are rooted in the graceful strength of vinyasa - integrating dynamic, flowing movements with our breath, accompanied by carefully chosen music.  She enjoys applying creative themes, with a playfulness, but always holding careful attention to physical alignment and safety.

    Emily was initially drawn to yoga and guided meditation as a tool in managing performance anxiety as a music student in the late ‘90s and her experience as a Music Teacher & Music Therapist, as well as being a Mother of two, has resulted in a warm, empathic and holistic teaching approach.  

    Emily loves the idea that our yoga practice becomes a ‘reset’ button, sometimes hidden under the layers of daily duties, through which we can drop back into that naturally perfect, peaceful, unchanging place within ourselves.  She is passionate about sharing Yoga practices – experiencing first hand how transforming the benefits to body and mind are!  She is a bit of a nerd and continues to study regularly with her local teachers, as well as teacher training workshops with international teachers including David Swenson, Charlotte Watts, and Shiva Rea.

  • Luke
    Fitness Instructor
    Fitness Instructor

    Luke is a film and television editor who also happens to do a bit of indoor cycling. A keen road cyclist of ten years Luke started to take indoor cycling seriously when he could no longer play football and had to cycle across the Pyrenees seven years ago. He hasn’t won any awards for indoor cycling or fitness but he does love it.

  • Gaynor
    Fitness instructor
    Fitness instructor

    I am so excited to be part of the Outstanding team of trainers at TurnFit. 

    We wanted to open a studio in Guildford which would offer low impact with some high intensity, fun cardio and strength exercise to all ages and stages of fitness and I hope that we will achieve this mission.  If you are under 18, over 60, or in between, unfit or super fit – there is a class here for you.  We want to work with you to help you to achieve your fitness and nutrition goals.  Don’t be afraid to come along and try a class or to call and chat about which session makes sense for you and if you don’t find one at the time or day that you need it,  let us know.

    I began to teach fitness classes as a stop gap after 17 years of working in Corporate Finance in the City. Who guessed I'd still be here 6 years later.  What an amazing life change!!  I love group exercise because I love people. I don’t have to force myself to work out – someone else will, and no one knows how hard I am working when I'm on a bike or rowing and it clears my head, makes me happier and I feel healthier.  If we at TurnFit can help you to improve your athletic performance or find a better quality of life we will have truly achieved out mission.  

    I have taught just about every type of group exercise (except dance!) but its TRX, Indoor cycling and blended HIIT (strength and cardio) that we've chosen because they maximise your metabolic rate, build tone and muscle and make for a better you!

  • Kieran Corbett
    FuelFit Manager and Instructor
    Kieran Corbett
    FuelFit Manager and Instructor

    Kieran is Studying Nutrition at the University of Surrey, With ambitions of playing professional sport he is motivated to help with both exercise and nutrition.

  • Beccy

    Beccy has been working in the fitness, dance and nutrition industry for over 15 years. Qualifying as a Personal Trainer and Exercise to Music Teacher with the YMCA and Premier Training, she went on to train as a Dance Teacher with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, teaching Tap, Modern and Jazz dance to both adults and children and has previously established her own dance company. 

    Beccys strengths lie in the fact that not only is she qualified to instruct across a wide variety of disciplines but also that she works with a broad range of age groups and capabilities. Her instructor experience ranges from young children to senior citizens.  She has worked in the falls prevention unit in the NHS alongside the physiotherapy team running strength based classes for outpatients.

    Beccy is passionate about the quality of what she does and develops tailored programmes according to the goals of the participants. She is thrilled to be part of the Turnfit Team and runs a variety of classes so every ability is catered for. 

  • Dom
    Fitness Instructor
    Fitness Instructor

    Dominic has been working in the fitness industry since 2011. Deciding to make the jump from working in the recruitment industry to doing something that he is passionate about. He grew up a very sporty child, but this sporty, active lifestyle got replaced by an unhealthy lifestyle during his late teens to early 20’s. It’s at this point he discovered his love for the fitness industry while improve his own fitness.

    During his time in the industry he worked with a wide variety people at different stages of fitness.

    From people training to do their first triathlon, to people recovering from strokes, to people just wanting to improve their lifestyle.

    • Level 3 Personal Trainer
    • GP Referral Qualified
    • Kettlebell Instructor
    • TRX Instructor
    • Nutritional Advisor
  • Gareth

    Gareth is a hardworking self-starter with an outgoing and sociable personality. Being a former Infantry soldier Gareth has a wide variety of skills and tools he uses as a Personal trainer, also having a passion for sport Gareth has played Rugby, American football as well as competing in MMA and Men’s fitness physique.

    Gareth is knowledgeable and adaptive to change, always having a good sense of humour with all. He is empathetic to beginners and always having integrity and pride in what he does.

  • Louisa
    PT and Sports Massage Therapist
    PT and Sports Massage Therapist

    Louisa brings 14 years experience in the health and fitness industry to the Turnfit team. Offering sports massages as a qualified sports injury massage therapist and a wide range of training. Book in to one of her classes and see why we're so excited to have her.

  • Liane Jarman
    Spin Instructor
    Liane Jarman
    Spin Instructor

    Lianne is a road cyclist and her classes are structured around Heart Rate, cadence (pedal speed) and Power. That being said, there is no need for a Heart Rate Monitor to participate. Indoor cycling is a great way to get fit whilst not putting undue stress on your joints.

  • Gemma Holdaway
    Spin & Fitness Instructor
    Gemma Holdaway
    Spin & Fitness Instructor
    Gemma specialises in ensuring that whatever workout her client or class are doing, they are doing it with smiles on their faces.
    She provides a vibrant class with upbeat music and a unique twist on spinning! 
    We highly recommend signing up for her Spin- Boom Bike class. 
    She packs lots of energy into her class- she teaches circuit classes too with the aim of increasing your fitness with a smile on your face. 
    Gemma is a level 3 personal trainer , If you would like personal training with her please contact info@turnfit.co.uk. 
  • Lou Machu
    Lou Machu